4th Annual Supersonic Art Invitational

Supersonic Art Invitational

4th annual group show

1/10/15 – 1/31/15

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Spoke Art and Supersonic are pleased to present the 4th Annual Supersonic Art Invitational, curated by Zach Tutor. Preceding the wildly successful shows of years past, Zach has accrued a notable following of not only artists but loyal fans. With over 400,000 followers on Tumblr alone, Zach has tapped into something big online, and has once again brought it to the walls at Spoke Art. Focusing on painting, sculpture and illustration, SEI4 showcases the best and brightest in today’s contemporary scene. A varied assortment of 60 artists with everything from classical portraiture to dripping surreal renderings, Zach’s eye is as extensive in its reach as it is unwavering in its acuteness.

From the curator: “I, personally, cannot believe that this is already the fourth annual show. It’s been a visual whirlwind of beauty these past three years and with this 4th Annual show it was my mission to amass the artists doing the absolute best and most creative work, currently, within the emerging movement known as New Contemporary. I personally define this as a movement of artists who have been witness to immeasurable amounts of visual stimuli throughout their lives – from natural imagery, produced imagery, film, television or the Internet’s abundance of imagery and whether they were seeking these visuals out or if they were being shown them without their consent, resulting in influences from all and any angle that might exist.”

With over 60 artists contributing, SEI4 is an exemplary display of the new contemporary movement. Drawing upon multiple styles and methods, Tutor has generated something incredibly exciting as both a curator online and in-gallery. Supersonic continues to grow and refine itself as an annual exhibition at the forefront of Zach’s artistic vision. Please join us January 10th, 2015 (6pm – 10pm) for the opening reception of SEI4, some artists will be in attendance and complimentary beverages will be served.

Participating artists: Alessandra Maria, Alex Pardee, Allan Innman, Amy Sol, Bezt, Brett Amory, Cahill Wessel, Cam Floyd, Camilla D’Errico, Casey Weldon, Charlie Immer, Charmaine Olivia, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Christine Wu, Conrad Roset, Dan Christofferson, Daniel Danger, David Slone, Edwin Ushiro, Erik Jones, Fumi Mini Nakumara, Glenn Arthur, Hanksy, Hannah Stouffer, Haunted Euth, Henrik Uldalen, Hikari Shimoda, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Jason Edmiston, Jeff Ramirez, Jen Mann, Joanne Nam, Joao Ruas, Joel Daniel Phillips, Ken Garduno, Ken Taylor, Kikyz1313, Lauren YS, Lucien Shapiro, Matt Ritchie, Matthew Woodson, Meryl Pataky, Mike Mitchell, Oneq, Ozabu, Peter Adamyan, Peter Chan, Rebecca Mason Adams, Robert Bowen, Sail, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Sarah Joncas, Seamus Conley, Sean Newport, Sergio Lopez, Uyu, Stella Im Hultberg, Steve Kim, Tatiana Suarez, T.S.Claire, Tom Bagshaw, Winnie Truong, Zoltron

On view: January 10th – January 31st, 2015