Bad Dads: an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson

Spoke Art is proud to announce that we will again be returning with our annual Wes Anderson-tribute art show, Bad Dads. Following the breakthrough 2010 debut of the exhibition, Bad Dads has become an iconic and memorable art show with our yearly Halloween opening and costume party quickly becoming one of the must-do events in San Francisco every year.

Following our recent NYC showing, we’ll be headed back home to SF for our yearly Halloween costume party on October 26th and 27th. Join us then for the opening reception, and remember, show up in costume and win some cool prizes! The SF show will be on view until November 24th. As always, our exhibitions are all ages and free to the public. 

View available works from the show here:
Prints –
Originals —

Show on view until late November, the gallery is open four days a week!


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  5. Courtney says:

    What days and hours is the Spoke Art show for “Bad Dads” open in San Francisco? I am wondering because I can’t go to the Halloween opening, but I would like to go the following Friday or Saturday.

    Thank you.

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  8. Cody Stark says:

    Hi my name is Cody Stark, I host a TV Show called, “Goodday Sacramento” every weekend we do a Skype or FaceTime interview with people who piqué our interest and the Wes Anderson art show is BRILLIANT. We would LOVE to talk to y’all about and tell my viewers how they can go see it. We have an opening this Sunday at 7:40am for a 4 minute interview. We stream live at and we will put the segment up there as well so you can link it to your social media pages. Zap me back at and ill get you details.


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  17. Stephen Stanton says:

    I’d like to be emailed if possible, when the prints are made available for the “Bad Dads”s show. If I lived any closer, I’d totally be there.

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  26. Stephanie Perez says:

    Really want one of the shirts!!!

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