Scott Scheidly’s “Portraits”

Spoke Art Gallery presents:
Scott Scheidly: “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes”

On view May 17th – May 20th at the ArtPadSF fine art fair

Spoke Art Gallery is proud to announce the debut of Scott Scheidly’s “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes” debuting this weekend at the fine art fair, ArtPadSF in San Francisco, CA.

Since debuting Scheidly’s first portrait in the series last year at ArtPadSF, Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco returns for a second year and an expanded continuation of Scheidly’s shocking, offensive, and utterly hilarious series of portraits.

From Hitler’s pink armband to Kim Jong Ill’s heart shaped glasses, Scheidly’s work casts some of history’s most notorious characters in a new light rife with suggestion and commentary on masculinity, power, and satire.

Unlike many contemporary artists working today, Scheidly’s work is not just provocative, but also technically well done. The artist’s use of oil on panel is brings to mind any number of Classical portrait painters and if it weren’t for the jarringly hot pink frames in which the paintings themselves reside, one could easily assume the work to be that of a traditional master.

For the debut of “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes” Spoke Art gallery will be presenting three new oil on panel works featuring a Pope, a Great Leader and a Soviet Premier.

Additionally, Spoke Art will also be debuting the first in a series of print editions of Scheidly’s work at the fair, starting with a fine art edition of the artist’s previous Hitler painting. This limited edition Hitler print measures 11” x 14”, comes in a custom painted hot pink frame, and is limited to a signed and numbered edition of 20.

If you would like to be placed on our collector’s preview for Scheidly’s “Portrait” paintings and limited edition print, please contact us immediately at

More info on our participation at the SF fine art fairs can be found here.

Detail views and more information available on request.


8 Responses to Scott Scheidly’s “Portraits”

  1. I desperately need the Pope John Paul II one. I will pay you with the blood of my first born child.

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  7. T J says:

    Is it possible to acquire those as a poster or similar print media?

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